Spokane mom raises awareness for Teal Pumpkin Project

Halloween is tomorrow, but some parents need to prepare a little more than others.

That’s why one local mom decided to take part in the ‘Teal Pumpkin Project.’ It’s a way to make kids with food allergies feel safe and included on Halloween.

For the Cotter family, Halloween is an excuse to get creative in more ways than one.

“We have to sort their candy when they get it and just kind of take things away,” said Bethany Cotter.

When they were just two years old, Bethany discovered her twin boys Ethan and Logan were allergic to gluten and eggs.

“They started having rashes and just tummy upset issues,” said Cotter.

While she knows it could be worse, she never wants any kid to feel left out.

“A lot of my friends have kids with allergies and I want them to know what houses are safe,” Cotter said.

That’s why she and her family decided to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project. By putting a teal pumpkin on your porch, you’re telling families that your house has non-food items available for trick-or-treaters.

“Glow objects are great because then you’re protecting the kids in the street when they’re walking around,” said Cotter.

There’s an online map showing all the homes taking part in the project. A link to that map can be found HERE.