Spokane mayoral candidates take questions from voters during forum

Spokane mayoral candidates take questions from voters during forum

Spokane’s mayoral race is in full swing.

Voters heard from candidates Thursday night who believe they know what’s best for the city moving forward. Nearly 100 people attended the forum, hosted by KYRS radio and the Spokane Public Library.

The local economy, crime, housing and the environment were just some of the topics discussed during the 90-minute forum, which every candidate attended except for Nadine Woodward. Woodward said a scheduling conflict “made it impossible” for her to attend.


“Everybody was uniquely created by God for a purpose and they matter. Whether or not you agree with their decisions, they are human beings and they matter,” said Jonathan Bingle.

“A hand up and not a hand out works best,” said Shawn Poole. “When you enable people, they become dependent on you for their existence.”

Affordable Housing

“What makes it hard on people, driving them out of their houses, higher taxes, higher fees and things that go up, their wages don’t go up, they stay stagnant,” said Kelly Cruz.

Climate Change

“Climate change is the biggest crisis facing humanity right now. Global warming is real and it’s manmade,” said Ben Stuckart.

“Everybody says that humans cause climate change. That’s just not true, we contribute to it,” said Cruz.

“First off, I have to buy into climate change. I’m not sold that like, like Jonathan said, that climate change is as big of an issue now as people are making it out to be,” said Poole.

Hear from each candidate, on each topic here:

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