Spokane mayoral candidate Ben Stuckart talks gun control, public safety

The nationwide battle over gun control made its way into local conversation this week, with mayoral candidates talking about their plans to keep Spokane safe.

When it comes to prevention, Ben Stuckart said it starts with finding the guns.

“All those people that are shooting people are felons, and we should be doing everything locally we possibly can to find out how those felons in our community got guns,” Stuckart said. “They shouldn’t have guns.”

Stuckart said he wants every gun-related investigation to not just find the suspect, but where that suspect’s weapon came from as well.

Using additional police resources there would call for additional officers.

That’s where Stuckart pointed to his support of the recently passed public safety levy.

“That’s going to put 20 more officers next year starting in January on the streets,” Stuckart said.

Stuckart said the city has hired 52 officers since he’s been in office as city council president.

4 News Now will be sitting down with Nadine Woodward next week.