Spokane Mayor previews updates, additions to the city

Spokane Mayor previews updates, additions to the city

On Wednesday morning, Spokane Mayor David Condon visited the KXLY 920 radio studio to preview the State of the City Address that will happen at lunch time on Friday.

In this visit, Condon illustrated some very interesting additions and updates that are coming to the city.

He started off with an update on the new bridge that will connect the University District with Sprague Avenue.

Although the bridge doesn’t officially have a name yet, the mayor said that we should be seeing it by this summer.

The city is also starting construction on a new field house on the north bank of the Spokane River downtown. This project will also create a new parking garage for the area.

Sticking along the lines of sports, officials are looking at building a new arena to potentially replace Joe Albi Stadium.

Three new middle schools will be going in across the city in order to reduce the number of students in classrooms, and new fields will be built at the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex in order to bring in new and more tournaments to the area.

Some “unprecedented investments along the [Spokane] river” will be coming as well, said Mayor Condon. A 3 mile loop trail will go from the Post Street Bridge over to the Sanford Bridge.

However, an incredibly interesting addition that may be coming is “a zip-line that would go under the Monroe Street Bridge.”

More details about a $52 million Community Investment Fund and other city investments will come in Friday’s address.