Spokane massage therapy instructor accused of improperly touching clients, students

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane County massage therapy teacher has had his license suspended over allegations that he improperly touched clients and students. 

Several people have lodged complaints over Dylan I. Patterson’s alleged behavior, including that he gave a client a hallucinogen for non-therapeutic purposes. 

The incidents outlined in a statement of facts are said to have happened while Patterson owned Wellness Education Center, a now-closed massage school on Cowley St. in Spokane. 

According to the statement of facts, in one incident, Patterson plucked a hair off a client’s head and put it in his mouth in order to “taste her DNA.” The same client told authorities Patterson gave her ayahuasca, a hallucinogen, for personal use. 

In another instance, a former student said Patterson performed breast massages without her permission and in at least one instance, pinched her and inappropriately touched her in the groin area. 

In several other complaints, Patterson is accused of giving breast massages to either students or clients without getting the required written consent to do so. 

A complaint regarding Patterson and his business practices was filed and in July 2020, the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board issued a decision and order on complaints of unfair businesses. As a result, Patterson was ordered to refund the complainant more than $8,500. 

That is also when the board revoked Patterson’s license to operate a private vocational school issued to wellness education.