Spokane man sentenced for bank fraud conspiracy

Spokane man sentenced for bank fraud conspiracy
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A Spokane man was sentenced Tuesday to 12 months in federal prison for bank fraud conspiracy.

Brendon M. McCullough, 22, from Spokane, was sentenced Tuesday after having pleaded guilty on July 20, 2017, to conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

McCullough was sentenced to 12 months in federal prison, followed by a five year term of court supervision following his release.

The court also ordered McCullough to pay $26,106 in restitution.

United States District Judge Salvador Mendoza Jr. who sentenced McCullough, said that McCullough’s conduct caused a “loss of privacy, money, and security,” and “affected a whole lot of folks.”

McCullough and his conspirators stole bank credit/debit cards, checks, and PINs from mailboxes and used the stolen financial information to withdraw funds from victims’ bank accounts. They also transferred funds between victims’ accounts before making withdrawals, and forged and altered checks.

Around 20 bank customers were affected. McCullough has been in custody since January 17.