Spokane man searching for missing fiancé

Spokane man searching for missing fiancé

Friday marks day nine since Spokane resident Deanne Hastings went to the grocery store and never came home.

Hastings has been missing since November 4. Days after her disappearance her fiancé found her car in a parking lot across from the Knitting Factory. Not only was it not near a grocery store, inside was her whole life, her purse, cell phone and wallet.

“There was a note that said ‘Ran to store, just got done doing girls nails, had a great day,'” Hastings’ fiancé Mike Tibbetts said.

It’s easy to memorize a simple note, especially when it’s the last time you’ve heard from the one you love.

“Everybody is just scared, she’s just not here,” Tibbetts said.

He proposed to Hastings just two months ago and still has hope for their future together. The day she went missing, she was building on that future, starting her first day of cosmetology school at Glen Dow Academy.

“She was eager to start a new beginning, she was interested in hair, she wanted to get back into school, she had lived her live to the point she was wondering what was next for her,” Tibbetts said.

But by day two her seat was empty.

“I tried calling, there was no answer, and then Martin told me she became a missing person,” Siobhan Brown with Glen Dow Academy said.

The last time she was seen was at the Latah Trading Company store off Highway 195. A few days later Tibbetts got a call from a man who said he saw the missing persons poster of Deanne. He said he didn’t know her but gave her a ride to the Latah Trading Company and that she’d left her keys in his car. The man knew nothing more.

Tibbetts has spent the last nine days sleepless, worried, and not giving up.

“I’ve been passing out flyers, I get off at about 10, I’ve been from 10 to 5 in the morning just driving around Spokane, I mean I don’t really even know where to look and hope maybe I see her or something,” he said.

With each day she’s gone it just gets harder.

“I just want her to come home. I mean I love her, I just want her home,” he said.

The Special Victims Unit of the Spokane Police Department is leading the investigation. If you have seen Deanne Hastings or know about her whereabouts you are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.