Spokane man raises more than $50,000 to feed the community, lift spirits

SPOKANE, Wash. — Quarantine is what you make of it. A Spokane man chose to use his time to do some good for the community.

We all say, ‘thank you’ in different ways. Monday, Rick Clark showed his gratitude for Spokane healthcare workers by filling their stomachs.

“I’ve been home six weeks in my pajamas. These guys have been carrying the load, and I feel kind of guilty so I want to get down here and show them that we appreciate them,” Clark said.

In less than two hours, 300 healthcare workers got a barbecue lunch from One Night Stand Barbecue and ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

“This is more than I was expecting. The line grew very quickly,” said Bailey Bordelon, a scooper for Ben & Jerry’s.

When they ran out of barbecue, Clark ordered up some pizzas from Park Inn to make sure no one left hungry.

“These kinds of events are what keeps our community going. Through this really scary time. It’s amazing, it is not just a lunch. It’s a big deal for us,” said Micaela Whigham, a patient care coordinator at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

That is why Clark started raising money online through his Facebook page, Live at 5, to put on these pop-up events.


“We want to let everyone know, that we are going to be right next to them through this whole fight. We want to make sure that they know they are not alone,” Clark said.

“Some people may say, ‘yeah, it’s just lunch.’ but it is a big thing to know that everybody is thinking about other healthcare workers or other workers in general,” said Garrick Hill, a pharmacy technician, at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

In 42 days, Clark raised more than $50,000.


Clark said it is a win-win situation. He uses the donation money to purchase food from local restaurants. Then, that food goes right back to the community.

“From the community donating $5 to $10 at a time. Hundreds of people,” Clark said.

That money is helping to feed our community during these tough times.

“We all need help. Everybody out there needs help,” Hill said.

“Unprecedented is the word that we are using a lot. It’s the weirdest time to be in the hospital,” Whigham said.

Workers appreciated the gesture.

“There’s no such thing as a little thing with everything that is going on right now. Everything is something,” Whigham said.

If you would like to help Clark put on more events, click HERE. Clark said he’ll continue to put on more events until the money runs out.

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