Spokane man put firework in Shop-Vac prior to explosion, court documents say

Man puts firework in Shop-Vac, explodes in street

SPOKANE, Wash. — Court documents reveal how a Shop-Vac exploded on Sunday afternoon in a Spokane neighborhood.

According to documents, a witness saw 18-year-old Titan Bennett walk down Rockwell Avenue near Pittsburg Street with a Shop-Vac in his hands. The witness said he saw Bennett put it in the middle of the street, then walked into a house on Rockwell Avenue.

Bennett’s girlfriend told police she saw him put a tennis ball-sized firework in the Shop-Vac prior to the explosion. Police later determined it was a mortar, a type of firework.

About a minute after Bennett went inside the house, the witness said he heard an explosion. He allegedly saw Bennett run out of the house, jump a back fence and ran in an alley. Documents say the witness and his cousin ran after Bennett and stopped once they saw police.

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A Spokane officer took Bennett into custody. During their investigation, they found a one foot by one foot burn mark on the ground. Documents state the blast site was up to seven feet away in all directions. Pieces of paper and cardboard tubing were found.

Court documents stated the material and smell of gun powder is consistent with what is found in a mortar firework.

Police said three cars were damaged from the explosion. No one was hurt.

When officers searched Bennett, they found four lighters on him and two .22 rounds of ammunition.

Bennett was arrested for felony second-degree malicious explosion of a substance. He has since been released from the Spokane County Jail without bond. Probable cause was found to charge him with the crime.