Spokane man invites strangers into his home for Thanksgiving tradition

Something as simple as Reddit brought complete strangers together on Thanksgiving.

Joseph Bullock-Palser said he’s done this for three years now in Spokane, on top of the six previous years before that in Portland.

“I just decided to have friends and family over, and I realized I had more friends over than family, so I was like well why don’t we just extend that to everyone that doesn’t have that,” Bullock-Palser said. “So, I invited everyone on Reddit.”

He puts an invitation out to the Reddit community each year, inviting others in no matter what their beliefs are.

He also cooks the turkey and stuffing while guests bring a dish of their own.

This year, they sat back and enjoyed video games, and you’d never be able to tell that this was their first time meeting.

“I’m trying to show people that no matter what you believe in, this one day, everyone should be cool to each other no matter what,” Bullock-Palser said.

It’s a special experience for everyone involved, but one guest is thankful for it because he’s experiencing his first Thanksgiving without any family.

“It is really great that circumstances arranged themselves like that,” Mindus Debsin said.

Bullock said that’s what it’s all about, and as long as people keep showing up each year, he said he’ll keep the tradition going,