Spokane man indicted for threatening to blow up federal courthouse, kill FBI agents

Spokane man indicted for threatening to blow up federal courthouse, kill FBI agents
Department of Corrections

A Spokane man previously convicted of threatening to blow up the courthouse has now been indicted for making even more threats in letters he sent from the county jail and signed with his own name.

Scott Joseph Franklin was convicted in 2013 of threatening to bomb the courthouse. At the time, he was about to be released from jail on another charge and sent the threats from the jail.

Now, he’s accused of doing the same thing.

According to federal court records, the clerk of the U.S. District Court in Spokane received two handwritten letters in October. Both came from the Spokane County Jail and listed Franklin as the sender. Each contained specific threats against the FBI, the federal courthouse and the federal judges.

“When I get out, I’m killing every agent of FBI and ever [sic] Federal Judge within your federal courthouse in Downtown Spokane,” he wrote.

The letters also describe how Franklin planned to make a bomb “so powerful to blow a 2 block radiant [sic].”

In one letter, he said, “You can’t charge me with mailing threatening communications under Title 18 U.S.C. because that letter is a promise I swear to god and this is no joke, for real.”

According to the court records, the letter was signed “cordially; Scott J. Franklin.”

Federal agents went to the Spokane County Jail to interview Franklin, who agreed to be interviewed.

He admitted to writing the letters, saying “I was gonna do exactly what I said… I was going to try to figure out how to make a bomb and blow up the [expletive] building.”

Agents write that Franklin then said, “Probably not now. I’m not mad no more.” Then, later reiterated that he is still mad at federal agents and that he was “seriously gonna figure out how to make something.”

Franklin told the agents that he had made bombs in the past and that he believed he could get explosives from friends in the military.

Franklin is charged with the federal count of mailing threatening communications. He entered a not guilty plea Wednesday and will remain in custody until his trial.