Spokane man identified by friends as victim in South Hill shooting

Spokane man identified by friends as victim in South Hill shooting

A city-wide manhunt continued Friday as the person wanted in connection with a Tuesday shooting on the lower South Hill remained on the run.

Tuesday afternoon, Danette A. Kane was fatally shot and a man was shot in the head and taken to a local hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Close friends Nancy Giltner, Jennifer Horne, and Rick Schmidt said the man who was shot is Mike Troy, a Spokane native.

Giltner said Troy has been a friend of her family’s for many years and described him as a “man that would do anything for just about anyone.”

“I’d like to add that Mike was always a man with an ear to listen, and the experience and wisdom to offer advice. Many are taken back by this and feeling emotional pain. Just really hoping he makes it,” Giltner said.

Horne said she’s been friends with Troy for 20 years. She called the shooting “completely senseless” and is praying her friend gets better.

“I know he is going to pull through and if anyone can, it’s Michael,” Horne said.

Rick Schmidt said he’s known Troy for about 30 years. They were students at Eastern Washington University during the same time, worked together, and now Troy manages the rental where Schmidt lives. Schmidt said Troy is in a medically induced comma after surgery, but his condition is improving.

“He is showing signs of recovery, be they slow. It is kind of amazing. Nothing is for sure, but, it gives one a little bit of hope that at least one person of the two is going to pull through,” Schmidt said.

And while friends and family hope for the best, they are left with many unanswered questions.

“He’s got more friends than anybody I know and as far as I know, he’s got nobody that doesn’t care for him and that’s why this whole thing seems weird,” Schmidt said.

Police don’t have a suspect but did release a composite sketch of a person they’d like to talk to in relation to the shooting. This photo is of a young black woman or man with short hair. The person of interest is described as somone in his/her late 20s or 30s, 5-foot-2 to 5-foot-4, possibly wearing a gray stocking cap, plaid pajamas and a jacket.

Spokane man identified by friends as victim in South Hill shooting