Spokane man hoping his dog survived the Falls

Spokane man hoping his dog survived the Falls

A Spokane man is hoping that when his dog fell into the Spokane River on Friday, the Australian Shepherd somehow survived the Falls and made it to shore safely.

Booz was off his leash when he vaulted a rock wall near the Howard Street Bridge and landed in the swift current.

Booz’s owner frantically tried to reach his dog and get him out of the water.

It must have been horrible to see Booz jump off Inspiration Point and watch Booz take off down stream.

But dogs are pretty durable and it’s possible Booz was able to rescue himself. While most of us were dodging the blustery weather last weekend, Dustin Johnson was searching the shoreline for his missing dog.

“I let him go right here because my girlfriend was standing at the rock and he took off trotting, all happy to see her,” said Johnson.

However when Booz reached the end of Inspiration Point he vaulted the rock wall, unaware of the 12 foot drop-off.

“And then his next jump was off the end of the rock wall there and he went into the water right here.”
And that’s when Dustin started chasing Booz as he was swept downstream.

“I tried to stay right next to him to see if there’s any point that he got close to the shore, that I could get to him.”

Johnson even vaulted a fence to try to reach Booz, who was managing to keep his head above the rapids.

“I followed him from where he went in down the falls, along this riverbank. I watched him go down these rapids and once he went underneath that bridge that is where I lost sight of him for the first time.”

Dustin ran all the way to Peaceful Valley where he waded out into the current to get a better look at the shoreline on both sides.

“I was there until the fire department told me I had to get out of the water for my own safety.”

Dustin says Booz was a strong swimmer and hopes the dog made it to the shoreline and someone along the river got Booz out of the cold.

“I’m hoping that he is resilient and he found a way out and a warm home to go into and recover.”

The problem is, Booz doesn’t have an ID tag on his green and brown collar and that’s going to make it tougher for Dustin to get him back.

“He’s wearing a white bandana around his neck and he has brown and white markings.”

So Dustin is hoping someone is taking care of Booz and ready to reunite him with his family.

But Dustin wanted other dog owners to know about how quickly your pet can end up in the river down here and nearly impossible it is to effect a rescue.