Spokane man faces 47 criminal charges in identity theft scheme

SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane man faces 47 criminal charges including identity theft, forgery, theft and criminal impersonation. 

Spokane Police arrested Azariah Hulsey on July 14 stemming from an extensive scheme of identity theft and the use of fraudulent checks. 

Police say Hulsey purchased over $30,000 in items from retail stores using stolen or forged checks. They say he would use fraudulent IDs and other pieces of a victim’s identity to verify the checks’ authenticity. 

The Stolen Property Enforcement and Recovery unit began investigating once they noticed a similar pattern of crimes. Surveillance footage from a victim’s store showed Hulsey and an officer recognized him from previous investigations. 

Police say Hulsey’s streak lasted nine weeks. In that time, he used 25 forged checks in the names of four victims at 18 different businesses. 

He was arrested when he arrived at a local business to pick something up he’d previously purchased with a forged check. 

Hulsey is a six-time convicted felon with a history of forgery, possession of a stolen vehicle and theft. He remains in the Spokane County Jail. 

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