Spokane man accused of attacking woman with an axe

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SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane man is accused of attacking a woman with an axe early Tuesday morning.

Police said 35-year-old Bradley W. Hudlow and the victim got into an argument about money. Hudlow reportedly told the victim he was going to burn her stuff because of the issue.

According to officers, the victim tried moving her stuff, but came back to Hudlow punching her in the face multiple times.

The victim tried to run away, but Hudlow grabbed an axe and threw it at her, police sad. The woman was struck on the leg and tried to grab the axe to defend herself.

Police state Hudlow wrestled the axe away from her and swung it, hitting the victim in the back of the head.

She then ran into another room, where she found Hudlow’s mother, who tried to get him to stop. Police said Hudlow then threatened them, saying he would kill the victim if she went to the hospital or told anyone what had happened.

A friend picked up the victim and took her to the hospital, where she met with police.

Officers contacted Hudlow at a home near Helena Street and Pacific Avenue, and took him into custody. They also recovered an axe matching the description given by the victim.

Hudlow was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and felony harassment.

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