Spokane K9 recovering from liver abscess removal surgery

K9 dog recovers from surgery
Credit: Spokane Police Department K9 Unit

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane Police Department K9 is recovering from liver abscess removal surgery.

K9 Haywire works with Officer David Stone on the SWAT team. During a mission, Stone went to retrieve Haywire, but found he had gotten sick, sluggish and was not acting like his normal self.

Stone called the Pet Emergency Clinic and brought Haywire in as soon as possible. The K9e had ultrasounds, x-rays, blood work and other tests to find out why he was throwing up.

Over the next two days, Haywire and Officer Stone returned to the clinic two more times.

It was later discovered that Haywire had an abscess around the size of a golf ball coming off his liver, which appeared to rupture and caused Haywire to get very sick.

They do not know how the abscess formed, but it required emergency surgery. The surgery was difficult given the location of the abscess and lasted nearly three hours, but was successful.

The ruptured abscess caused a severe case of peritonitis, and all of his organs were inflamed. People working at the clinic were surprised to see that the dog’s only symptom was vomit.

On Tuesday, Haywire was released from the clinic and recovering at home with Officer Stone. They say Haywire should be back in the field in the next several weeks.