Spokane International Charter School to merge with new building

Soon, the Spokane International Charter School will be operating under one building instead of the two it is in now.

Between the primary school in northeast Spokane and the middle school academy on the South Hill, they have about 500 students.

Travis Franklin, the head of school, said they found a building in the north to let them expand.

“I think the best part is we’re coming back to our original mission of having a true K-8 program for students and families. Our enrollment window opens November 1 for kids to join us August of 2020,” Franklin said, “So, the best part of having a building that’s larger is being able to serve more students too.

With the expansion they would be able to have about 750 students in total on their campus. The school currently has 60 people staffed, but could potentially go up to 80 when they expand.

They will also be able to add extracurricular activities they’ve been wanting to have at their school with the extra space.

“It will give more opportunities to have after school sports, clubs like lego robotics. We have a lot of material, just nowhere to put them or do anything with them,” he explained. “So, a lot of it is just teachers giving up their classroom for parts of the day, so that won’t have to happen in a new building.”

Franklin said he’s been asked if they will be opening the academy up to have high school students, and with the new building, it could happen. However, he’s still thinking about it.

If all goes according to plan, they will move in and be operating there August 2020.