Spokane International Airport readies for $130 million expansion

Spokane International Airport readies for $130 million expansion

The Spokane International Airport is now one step closer to a $130 million expansion to make future trips even easier.

More than 3 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2017, setting a new record. While the number of flights and passengers has grown, the airport itself hasn’t. That’s why officials say this expansion is long overdue.

Here’s a breakdown of the $130 million project:

-The security checkpoint for Terminals A and B will be expanded
-Terminal C will be remodeled and extended
-Crews will install a canopy along the drop-off and pick-up zones to shield passengers from weather
-Five baggage carousels will be centralized between terminals

“With all the baggage equipment all in one place, we’re not spread out all over the campus, and we can have consolidated systems,” said Larry Krauter, CEO of Spokane International Airport. “So we should see the efficiencies in the system side of things and operating costs.”

A portion of the $130 million project will be funded by passengers themselves. The airport is collecting a $4.50 facility fee on all outbound tickets. Some of that money will be used for design and construction costs.

Construction is not scheduled to begin until 2019.