Spokane Indians close to making history- they just need you

Spokane Indians close to making history- they just need you
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Come Friday night, thousands of fans will fill Avista Stadium for the Spokane Indians’ last game of their regular short-season.

Only, this game holds particular significance for the baseball team. That’s because, this year, the Indians are close to beating their season attendance record. The goal? To pass the 200,000 mark.

It’s never happened in the Indians’ 37 short-season history.

“Last year we hit 198,000 and we were just shy, about 1,400 people, so we know this could be our year,” said Senior Vice President Otto Klein.

It’s dedication from fans like Phoebe Ogg that the Indians are counting on come Friday.

Ogg has season tickets and drives down from Sandpoint for each game.

“Our kids go out on the field for the 7th inning stretch and do the games,” said Ogg. “It’s great.”

So, what’s it going to take to beat the record?

Thursday night’s crowd was just over 5,000 people. In order to reach the 200,000 mark, the Indians need 6,586 fans on Friday.