Spokane hopes Great Gorge Trail leads to more river usage

There has been quite a bit of change in Spokane over the past five years.

one of the biggest is how the city uses the Spokane River in downtown.

The city hopes a new walking-biking trail will draw even more people to the center of town–the Great Gorge Loop Trail.

Now, it may not seem easy to find at first, but that’s because it’s so big.

As you can see on this map, the trail is made up of the red and green lines as well as part of the blue which is stretch from Post Street to Sandifur Bridge.

The trail is about three miles long, and some say it’s the perfect distance for a walk or jog during your lunch break.

But, the purpose of this is to use one of the best parts of Spokane–the river.

Really our sense is the more people interact with the river, the more they see the river, the more they’re going to take care of it for future generations,” City Spokeswoman Marlene Feist said.

The city has started on the first half of the Gorge Trail already.

The second half will start in 2020, and you can expect to see construction on the Post Street Bridge in the spring.

It will take about two years to finish.