Spokane homeowner says thieves sold off items meant for fundraiser

Spokane homeowner says thieves sold off items meant for fundraiser
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Thieves broke into a house on Ruby St. and sold off items intended for a fundraiser. 

If you recently purchased items from a garage sale at a home on Ruby St., Karen Fournier wants to talk to you.

Fournier is the Executive Director of Covenant Home and Resources, a non-profit that works to find a home for everyone. She hopes to turn the house as 2012 N. Ruby into a space for pregnant women in need of housing.

“I just want everybody to get help and be whole,” Fournier said. “They want somebody to come and help. They don’t know how, they’re so broken and hurting.”

Fournier knows this, because she used to be one of those people who could only dream of calling a place like this home.

“I actually got the vision when I was 15 on the street,” Fournier said. “I started doing drugs at 13.”

She’s clean now and wants to help others heal here — but that will be harder now, considering what happened last week.

On Thursday, the house was full of appliances and electronics that were set to be sold at a fundraiser for the project. But on Thursday night, Fournier went to the house and found a broken basement window. All of the items she planned to sell were rearranged and staged for a thief’s personal sale.

“I just started going around and realized what all was gone and cried,” Fournier said. “I’m like, ‘they had a sale here! I mean, it was just like, we all were just shocked. Unbelievable.”

“This set us back six months.”

A setback for Karen Fournier, who’s trying to turn this into a home for homeless pregnant women as thieves broke in over the weekend. Full story on @kxly4news tonight at 6. pic.twitter.com/NGaJcqFhgY

— Taylor Graham (@TaylorKXLY) May 13, 2019

Fournier said many of the items for her fundraiser were sold off and the organization lost somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000. She said it will set the project back about six months, since the money from her fundraiser was meant to raise money for electrical and plumbing upgrades.

Fournier has been in touch with Spokane Police and even found IDs left behind, but she is hoping to get in touch with anyone who may have bought something at the sale. If you think you may have purchased one of these items, Fournier asks you call her at 509-842-6515.

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