Spokane home scheduled to be demolished with dozens of feral cats inside

An abandoned Spokane house is just days away from being demolished with possibly 100 feral cats inside.

That’s something volunteers at Murci’s Mission, a non-profit dedicated to protecting animals, couldn’t see happen.

The animal rescuers are desperately trying to save the cats before the house’s scheduled demolition on Tuesday.

It will be no easy feat. Volunteers say there are at least 30, possibly 100 cats inside the condemned East Central home.

Because the house is condemned, they can’t step inside… so to come up with a rescue plan, they’ve been thinking outside of the litter box.

“We just said alright, we’re going to go for it,” said Halle Shepard, vice president of Murci’s Mission.

Volunteers put cat food in dozens of live traps around the home. They’re wired open so the cats can get used to them. This weekend, the traps will go live.

“Saturday night is going to be a really long night,” said Sherpard. “We will catch as many as we can.”

After that, Stevens County Cat Care will make sure the cats are taken care of.

“They’ll get all their core vaccines, probably some of them are clearly sick so they’ve got some upper respiratory symptoms so we’ll get them some antibiotic injections,” said Shepard.

The cats will also be spayed and neutered, which costs about $25 per cat. Merci’s Mission will pick up the cost, but is also accepting donations.

Soon, the cats will be up for adoption.

“We’re just doing what we can,” Sherpard said.