Spokane hit-and-run solved on Facebook in under three hours

A South Hill man woke up to a strange sight in his driveway — a large board had launched through his truck’s back window. So how did it get there? That’s what Kurt Strauss asked himself as soon as he saw the damage to his truck which was parked along 29th Avenue near Havana Street.

At first, Strauss thought someone was being malicious or trying to break into his truck. Then, he noticed the dented metal window frame and figure a vehicle must have been involved.

“I was obviously very upset that nobody stopped and took responsibility for it,” Strauss said.

He took photos and went out on a limb.

“We just thought well lets post it on social media, we have roughly 300 cars a morning that go to work so we thought well, maybe somebody saw something.”

His post was shared among friends and reached people he had never met before. Three hours later, Strauss learned someone driving down 29th Avenue not only saw the accident, they had video.

“He started following him down on Glenrose, he noticed that he was swerving and in and out of the lane in front of him.”

In the cell phone video, you can see the white truck swerve across the double yellow line. Hanging off the side is a board angled approximately 45 degrees away from the truck. Strauss’ parked truck didn’t stand a chance in the jousting match.

“It was very surreal to see your vehicle just slowly come up and just watch the explosion on the back window with the wood flying and all that,” Strauss said.

The hit-and-run driver pulls over and is confronted by the man behind the camera. The driver says “I better go back.” Strauss said he never did.

The suspect’s face and license plate were caught on camera. Strauss gave the video to police and is still waiting for officers to follow up. He estimates the damage to be just under $1,000.