Spokane girl stars in national cereal commercial

Spokane girl stars in national cereal commercial

At just 11-years-old, Noelle Fries is a cast regular in the Spokane Theater Community.

“Well, when I was seven years old I did a production of [Les Miserables] at Spokane Civic Theater, and that’s what kind of gave me the boost to start up,” she said.

This summer, the Wilson Elementary fifth grader scored a prime gig, as the star of a new commercial for Fruity Pebbles cereal.

“It’s about a girl– me– who wakes up and there’s this big kind of contraption that pours me cereal and milk and comes to me. And then I get to zipline out of a two story bedroom window, and then I get to drive a Fruity Pebbles car and then we go to a high school,” she said.

Everett High school, to be exact. The ad was filmed there over the summer.

Fries says the experience was a blast, but being a fan of the product definitely helps.

“I love fruity pebbles. I like the way they taste and kind of crunch in my mouth,” Fries said.

You’d think a national commercial might intimidate most… But not Noelle.

“It was great,” she said.

“Everyone was so nice. And, thee crew was so big. It was about 60 people and about 50 other kids,” she said.

But national fame does take some getting used to.

“I really like Disney Channel –all my favorite shows are on there– so when I see myself on Disney Channel I’m like ‘Wow! I’m on some of my favorite shows,” she said.

Fries says she would do it again, but for now she’s busy rehearsing at Lewis and Clark High School for their upcoming performance of The Music Man.

“I’m excited about playing the role [of] Amaryllis again,” she said. It’s a role she says she enjoyed playing last year at the Spokane Civic Theater.

Sure to be a rising star, guided by her passion for acting– and some choice advice from her mom:

“Be bold, be brave, be you. So always be true to yourself and never give up,” she said.