Spokane friends’ life-long game of tag made into Hollywood movie

An epic game of tag that began in Spokane more than 30 years ago, has now inspired a Hollywood movie.

A trailer for the movie, Tag, staring several A-list actors, including Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Ed Helms and Isla Fisher, was released on Tuesday.

The movie is based off a group of 10 friends who started a game of tag while attending Gonzaga Prep in the 80s.

“Back in junior year of high school somewhere in 1982 probably after a meeting, we were in a club or something someone said ‘hey, tag you’re it and the game started,” said Joe Tombari, an original tag player.

Mike Konseky, another tag player, said they played off and on for awhile and then in the 90s the group of friends signed a contract and designated February the month of tag- where anything goes.

“There’s really no rules, whatever you can do to tag that other person, no shame, no embarrassment, just get em,” said Mark Mengert, another player in the group.

The friends have traveled cross-country to tag another person. Even dressing up in disguise to yell “You’re It!”

The friends have also captured their shenanigans over the years on camera. Their story was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Soon after that article, movie producers started calling and the rest is history.

“The game has kind of kept all of us and our families real tight,” said Konesky.

Only three out of ten friends still live in Spokane. The group plans to attend the movie premiere in June.

Tag hits theaters June 15.

“It’s just so surreal to be sitting here now, it’s actually going to be hitting theaters,” said Mike Konesky.