Spokane fourth graders return to classrooms for the first time since March

SPOKANE, Wash. — Fourth graders in Spokane Public Schools returned to the classroom on Wednesday for the first time since March.

The district is slowing the transition to help give students plenty of time to get used to safety protocols. Students are being phased in on an alternating schedule for the first few days and will be back in class together by February 16.

The first group of students, Group A, started in the classroom, while Group B continued remote learning. They will switch Thursday, with Group B will returning to the classroom.

The district has asked that all families fill out a student health check before they head to class. SPS is required to screen both staff and students each morning for COVID-19 symptoms. Parents will need to complete the form at least 30 minutes before school each day.

Once students arrive, they will need to wear a mask all day, but there will be plenty of masks breaks. Hand washing and social distancing are also encouraged.

The district is still making plans for older students, but hopes to get all students back into class by March 1.

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