Spokane Food Fighters distributes 350 boxes on final day

SPOKANE, Wash. — At a time when so many families have worried about food, a local group has stepped up to feed them. 

The Spokane Food Fighters delivered their final meals on Saturday. 

“Our goal really was to try and feed our neighbors through summer,” said State Rep. Marcus Riccelli. “We didn’t know if we were going to be around two days, two weeks, two months.” 

Five months later, a line of volunteers was ready to help deliver on the final day. 

Fourteen families will get food, thanks to volunteer Mardi Williamson and her family. More than 350 boxes were distributed in the span of a day.  

It feels good, but it’s really not about me,” said Williamson. “It really it should be about the people that need it the most. If I can provide that moment of nourishment, that’s huge to us.” 

Her family of five brings meals to about 40 different families each week. 

When the pandemic hit, Riccelli needed to do something to help. 

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“Spokane Food Fighters started with this idea that we’re in a covid time and there’s people struggling out there and we wanted to do something,” said Riccelli. “We didn’t know if we were going to be delivering five meals or 25 meals.” 

It ended up being 120,000 meals, thanks to community partners, restaurants, and volunteers. 

“I think this is a real mirror to our community that food insecurity existed before this pandemic and will exist after, and we need to do more,” said Riccelli. 

The way the organization runs, and the money is raised, it was only meant to help families through August. 

Since March, Riccelli said they raised more than $135,000. Most of that money was used toward purchasing food for families in need. The hot meals Spokane Food Fighters purchased from restaurants in the community also helped the restaurants and their workers in return.

“We’re so grateful for the way the community responded,” said Riccelli. “It’s truly a Spokane thing, and we’re just touched by the way everybody involved themselves.”

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