Spokane Fire, Red Cross install smoke alarms, reduce fire risks in Nevada Heights neighborhood

SPOKANE, Wash. — Five hundred homes in the Nevada Heights neighborhood are safer Saturday.

The Spokane Fire Department and American Red Cross installed smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors, replaced batteries, and helped educate families on the dangers of fire.

Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer says they also helped families mitigate risks inside their homes if a fire were to occur.

“The goal here is to never have to respond to a single-family structure fire because that is one of the most devastating events that a family could ever go through,” Schaeffer said.

The American Red Cross has done this initiative since 2014 and says it’s saved many lives.

“We keep track of the address, and if that home experiences a fire, then we count the lives saved from that fire as lives saved through our program,” Inland Northwest Red Cross Executive Director Ryan Rodin said. “We know, across the country, we have more than 1,200 lives saved through this program since 2014.”

Chief Schaeffer says updating the smoke alarms and educating homeowners in the Nevada Heights neighborhood is important, considering there’s been 14 fires in the area in the last two years.

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