Spokane Fire Department talks Fire Prevention Month

For nearly 100 years now, October has been reserved for Fire Prevention Month.

This morning, our Good Morning Northwest crew met with the Spokane Fire Department who provided important tips for keeping your loved ones and your home safe from fires. Most importantly, that fire prevention practices should not be reserved for the month of October, but reviewed and tested all year-long.

When it comes to smoke alarms, it is recommended you keep one fire alarm in every bedroom, in the hall of your home’s sleeping area and on every floor. When it comes to the kitchen, place your fire alarm 10 feet away to avoid nuisance alarms. Replace the batteries on smoke alarms at least once a year, and your smoke alarms every 10 years. Its best to clean your smoke alarm more often so things like dust don’t impact the alarm sensors. When doing so, check the expiration date.

Meet with your family to establish and run through a “Home Fire Escape Plan.” When doing so, be sure to go through each room and discuss two ways to get out of it, it could help to draw a map of your home that includes all doors and windows. Pick a safe meeting place outside of the home for everyone to gather should something happen. Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer recommends making it a place that is familiar, as stress is heightened during a fire incident. Be sure to choose a place that won’t create a barrier when emergency responders arrive.

So that fire crews can get to your house as quickly as possible, have your house or building number displayed in a place that can be easily seen from the street.

Carbon Monoxide alarms. are just as important to have in your home as smoke alarms. Just like smoke alarms, they should be placed in every bedroom and on every level of the home. However, they do not need to be fixed to the ceiling. Test them regularly and replace the batteries just like you would your smoke detector.

Keep things like fire extinguishers on every level of your home. Have one located in the kitchen and if you can, keep an extra one inside the garage as some fires start there.

Escape ladders can be useful should the first floor be inaccessible in a fire. It is recommended that at least one be kept on the second and third stories of homes.

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