Spokane family searches for stolen heirlooms and antiques

Spokane family searches for stolen heirlooms and antiques

A South Hill burglary leaves two women grieving their father’s loss without much of the legacy he left behind for them.

Police are investigating who broke into the trailer parked in Rhonda-T Warren’s late father’s home on the 400 block of E. 27th Avenue on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The trailer was full of antiques, stamp collections, and other valuable collectibles.

Warren said her dad Gordon Savatsky, 76, was a complex man. He passed away last week due to medical complications.

Savatsky was a craftsman, historian, artist, athlete, and hobbyist. The Massachusetts native spent his life collecting stamps, fine art, Revolutionary War costumes, and other antiques. He left all of that behind to his family. They planned to go through the belongings and send some of it to museums across the nation.

“It was loaded full and locked. The next day, when we came back, it was cleaned out,” Warren said.

Police found the lock on the ground near the empty trailer. Police still haven’t found who did cut off the lock and stole the items inside the trailer. Warren believes the culprit was tipped off by her father’s obituary.

“We were targeted and the person or persons who did this know nothing about us and just violated us. They took all of my dad’s things, all of my family’s things,” Warren said. “We need to come together as a community and think about the things we do on a daily basis and keep our eyes open.”

Call Crime Check at 509-456-2233 if you know anything about this theft.

Full list of items stolen:
-Chinese stamps in red plastic booklets

-Wildlife stamps and booklets

-Japanese stamp collection

-Commemorative royal wedding stamps with Prince Charles and Lady Diana

-Stamp mounts

-Revolutionary War commemorative coins

-Foreign coins

-30 1991 Star Wars figurines in original packaging

-8 Babylon 5 figurines in original boxes

-1 large Babylon 5 character bust

-20 antique matchbox cars in original packaging

-40 small gauge model trains

-3 boxes of small gauge train tracks

-8 plastic small gauge train buildings

-Revolutionary War costumes

-Revolutionary War powder horns and cartridge pouches

-Framing and mounting tools

-Picture brackets and hangers

-Archival mounting tapes

-Measuring tapes