Spokane family on vacation in Hawaii as Hurricane Lane approaches

Spokane family on vacation in Hawaii as Hurricane Lane approaches

It could be a long weekend for locals and tourists in Hawaii, as Hurricane Lane is expected to pass by just off the southwestern edge of the islands.

While most people are buying water and boarding up their windows, a Spokane couple is doing their best to make the most of their Hawaiian vacation.

Spokane residents Crystal and Jason King landed in Maui at the beginning of the week. They knew about Hurricane Lane before boarding their flight over, but were under the impression it would be far enough away that they could still enjoy the Aloha state.

“Right before we left we saw this one was out in the Pacific [Ocean] and we thought, ‘We better start watching this,'” said Jason. “But we had to go.”

Like most probably would, Jason and Crystal – along with their two children – refused to let the threat of a Hurricane cancel their big summer getaway.

“At the time we left, it wasn’t a huge threat,” said Crystal. “At the time they kind of thought it was going to be southwest and we just thought, ‘We might get a day or two of rain’ but we’d be okay.”

“The first two days we were told to enjoy it now,” said Jason and Crystal. “We rented snorkels and went snorkeling. We were actually suppose to go surfing this morning but they called and canceled on us.”

With the worst of the storm coming just hours away, the Kings spent most of their Wednesday preparing.

“We spent the whole day driving around looking ofr suppose, and water,” the couple said. “Everything was sold out. Every store we went to was sold out. We went to five different stores and WalMart finally came through for us.”

kxly4 will be keeping in touch with the Kings as they brave Hurricane Lane through the weekend.