Spokane family frustrated about slow test results for COVID-19

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SPOKANE, Wash – A Spokane family has waited nearly a week to find out if a 62-year old woman has the novel coronavirus. They’re frustrated at the wait time for results of that test.

A man called the 4 News Now newsroom but did not want his name or his wife’s name released. They both work in the health care industry and have quarantined themselves while waiting for the results.

The woman first went to an urgent care facility last week, as she had a fever and a cough. She was tested for influenza, and that test came back negative. A couple of days later, she was still coughing and was hoping for medication to help ease the cough so she could sleep. She called her doctor’s office first and they made an appointment for her the next day. When she showed up, the doctor’s office told her she shouldn’t be there because of the symptoms she presented and they sent her to urgent care.

After calling into the urgent care facility from her car as not to contaminated a clean space, the woman’s husband says she was finally allowed into the building. They tested her for a range of respiratory illnesses and initially declined to test her for the coronavirus. When the testing for other illnesses came back negative, she was tested for the coronavirus.

The woman said she was told it would take about three days to get results.

That was last Friday.

The couple and their daughter have taken precautions to stay home and away from other people. No one else in the family has experienced any symptoms and the woman’s cough and fever have cleared up. However, they don’t want to return to work until they know for sure the results of her test.

4 News Now is asking the Spokane Regional Health District about the lag in results time for tests. We’ll update you – and this family – as soon as we get an answer.

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