Spokane family carves hundreds of pumpkins for annual Halloween display

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s that time of year where we’re all carving pumpkins to put on our porches for Halloween.

But have you ever carved 50 of them? 100? Or even 300?

That’s what one family in Spokane has been doing for several years now making into a giant jack-o-lantern display.

Dubbed “The Spokane Pumpkin House”, they’re located at 4315 W Rowan Ave. in Spokane.


Andrea and Jorge Alvarez have been getting pumpkins from local farms and carving them to put on an elaborate display for Halloween each year.

And it’s not without help! They have friends and family helping get everything carved in time to display for Halloween night.

This year, they have more than 300 to go on display thanks to Hidden Acres Orchards.

Come see the Spokane Pumpkin House while you’re trick-or-treating with your family this Sunday at 5 p.m.

The pumpkins will stay out until Tuesday, Nov. 2.

When the season is over, the pumpkin innards and the carved pumpkins go to Haggerty’s Happy Hens to feed the chickens!

To follow the pumpkin journey, follow The Pumpkin House on Facebook or Instagram.

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