Spokane family business offers new way of safely celebrating

SPOKANE, Wash. — You may have seen large signs all over Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, wishing someone a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary.’

It’s a great way to celebrate someone’s special day when you can’t give them a hug or have a party. The family who makes those signs got started just in time.

It’s from a business called ‘Card My Yard,’ and it’s new to Spokane. The Stevens family bought the franchise and started up mid-March.

Inside their home, it’s the hub for the growing business.

John and Laura Stevens have five kids. They’ve turned their new franchise into a learning experience for the whole family.

“We wanted to show them how to run a business, what was a net and a gross, what do we do with our income,” John said.

All of the kids, except the baby, for now – are sharing the work. 10-year-old Scarlett is the ‘CEO’ of the family business.

“They get up early with us. Sometimes they stay up a little passed their bedtime – not too late – to help us with jobs,” John said.

And the timing, while awful for many of us, couldn’t be better for this safe form of celebration.

In just two months, the family has filled more than 200 orders. They have another 100 orders already scheduled for this summer.

“Celebration is a little tough because you can’t gather, so it allows people to celebrate publicly in a fun way,” Laura said.

The Stevens family said they aim to have every order delivered by sunrise. That way, the person they’re celebrating can wake up, head right out the front door and see their big surprise.

“It makes me happy that we are celebrating other people,” Scarlett said.

The Stevens family’s business serves everyone in the Spokane region. Laura’s sister owns a Card My Yard franchise in Coeur d’Alene, so their family business spans along I-90.

You can learn more about their business and pricing HERE.

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