Spokane family building ALS-friendly home

Have you ever had a moment that completely changed your life? For the Marlow family, that moment happened just one year ago.

“He was having trouble with speech. He also had tingling in his hands and feet and some twitching,” said Ashley Marlow, Dan’s wife.

After several tests, her husband Dan Marlow was diagnosed with ALS at just 31 years old. The disease attacks the nervous system and causes people to lose the ability to speak, eat, swallow, or even breathe.

“It’s an interesting time because we also have our new baby,” said Ashley.

Instead of letting the disease tear them down, they’re building a new life — starting with a new home.

“We believe that you can live with this disease,” said Dan.

“We decided to develop the land and do it as a duplex so that Dan’s brother and wife can live on the other side and also help,” said Ashley.

Every room in the house is designed around Dan’s needs, so that he and his family can continue living as normal a life as possible.

“This house is going to make my life so much easier,” said Dan.

While his life may never look the same, it’s building on these happy moments that make it all worthwhile.

The Marlow family hopes to have the house completed by November 2019.

If you’d like to help the Marlow house project, they still need help raising funds for their new home.

You can contact Dan’s dad and general contractor of the project, Jeff Marlow, at thosehouseguys @comcast.net.