Spokane family allegedly harassed, called ‘Antifa’ while camping in Forks

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FORKS, Wash. — A multi-racial Spokane family was allegedly harassed and accused of being “Antifa” by several people while on a camping trip in Forks.

KOMO-TV reached out to the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, who confirmed the family was driving an old bus while on a trip through Forks. While stopped at a grocery store parking lot, the family told deputies that several people in several vehicles confronted them, repeatedly asking if they were members of Antifa.

The family told the Sheriff’s Office that they left Forks, and drove down a logging road to find somewhere to camp. They became concerned after hearing gunshots and power saws nearby, so they packed up and left.

When the family went back down the road, they said trees had fallen across the road and they could not drive out.

The family told deputies that four students from Forks High School were in the area and used chainsaws to help clear the road.

The Sheriff’s Office says deputies and officers from several agencies escorted the family to the Sheriff’s Department to be interviewed, then they were sent on their way.

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating the incident, but do not have any evidence of who allegedly confronted the family, or if they were armed. They are hoping to find surveillance video from the grocery store parking lot.