Spokane Falls Community College is helping students by putting leftovers to good use

Nearly half of all community college students don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Spokane Falls Community College is fighting back against food insecurity with a new addition to their food pantry program.

The started with a high school student that was working with the community college, and led to this special idea.

Now, left over food from the college cafeteria is being packaged, frozen, and given to students in need.

This new process allows students to take home fresh meals while also preventing food waste in the SFCC cafeteria.

There are also new pop-up pantries around the school that allow students to take items they need when they need them.

“The pop-up pantries are really people leaving what they can and students taking what they need” Heather McKenzie Waite said, the director of student funded programs.

Students wanting to go into the food pantry can get 15 pounds of food every trip for three trips per quarter.

Kyle Booey, a SFCC student, says he likes the new frozen food program because it’s a real meal.

“In this scenario, like with those, you get a cheese hot dog, you get chili with it. You actually get a meal,
something that fills you up. something that doesn’t feel like you’re scrounging the bottom of the barrel, it’s actually food that you’re getting and able to eat,” said Booey.

This new program is investing in Spokane and its residents, while also finding a wonderful way to stop wasting food that would be otherwise wasted.