Spokane Etsy seller feels betrayed by transaction fee increase

SPOKANE, Wash. – You may be waiting a little longer to get your orders from Etsy. 

More than 17,000 sellers are currently on strike. They are protesting the company raising the fee they charge on every purchase. 

The company recently announced they will take about 65 cents of every $10 you spend. That is about a 30 percent increase from the 5 percent they had to pay previously. 

Some sellers have put their shops in “vacation mode,” which allows them to put their store on hold for a period of time without getting it removed from the site.

One local seller who has joined the strike says she feels betrayed by the company.

“We got a letter a little over a month ago. ‘We had our highest selling year ever.. .To thank you, we are going to raise our fees,’” said Kristin Hamond. “And if you were making more money than ever, why are you taking it off of our backs?” 

The strike is scheduled to end on Sunday. 

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