Spokane English teacher educates and entertains to teach ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

SPOKANE, Wash. — North Central High School English teacher Kelly Kiki said he was just about to start his lesson on the book, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, with his ninth grade students before school closed.

So now he’s taking his lessons to YouTube — encouraging his students to read the book and follow along with his videos that break down each chapter and bring the characters to life.

His videos are shot on his farm in Mead and he tries to act out parts of the novel, even bringing his own son into the scenes with him.

Kiki does plan to step back from acting a little in future videos to address the development of the characters and the book’s themes as well.

“In the videos, I talk about some literary terms and just kind of throw them in as we go as well so they can see those taking place,” he said. “Sometimes I ask questions and tell them to stop the video and either share the answer with somebody in the family or write it on a piece of paper and just continue to see if they got it right.”

Kiki said the goal is to make learning fun during this difficult time and engage his students.

He said he was actually inspired by his son’s teacher who is trying to do the same for her students.

While this is a fun way to teach the book, there are challenges and he wants to find a way for his students to collaborate while they learn.

While it’s also hard for teachers to actually get students involved and keep proper track of their progress, he has this message for them:

“Have fun with the process because people at home are struggling, we as teachers are struggling. I know teacher have young kids at home as well. But people are struggling at this point. Just have some fun. Learning will happen. Everything is going to be okay,” said Kiki.

You can watch his ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ video lessons here.