Spokane Education Association meeting scheduled for tonight postponed

Spokane Education Association meeting scheduled for tonight postponed
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The Spokane Education Association has postponed a meeting set for Tuesday evening that was meant for teachers to comment and vote on a tentative contract agreement.

The union says there is no tentative agreement and the meeting has been postponed as negotiations continue.

“The two teams are still at the table and we are being asked to give the teams more time. We believe it is best to allow the process to continue for now,” SEA President Katy Henry said. “We are asking our members to pay attention as we will be rescheduling the meeting over the next couple of days to discuss our next steps.”

“I think they are hoping they can get to an agreement, sooner rather than later,” said Spokane Public Schools spokesperson Brian Coddington. “The expectation is that school will start on time. That, the teachers will be in place. There’s an existing contract – this is a re-opener of a third year of a contract, so there’s an expectation that kids show up on Thursday.”

“I think that the media and the community and the district have seen that our members are very engaged, so they are committed to receive what they should be receiving,” said Henry. “What that looks like moving forward will be up to them.”

The district has offered teachers a 3.1 percent raise.