Spokane Domestic Violence Coalition develops 5-year plan to end the violence

SPOKANE, Wash. — Did you know 1 in 3 women in Spokane County will be victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives? The same goes for 1 in 10 men.

It’s why the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition is using a new approach to help stop the violence.

It’s a really devastating reality and this pandemic hasn’t made it any better. That’s why they decided to partner with several local groups, as well as victims themselves, to come up with a better long term plan.

“I think there’s a feeling of hope,” said Annie Murphey, executive director of the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition.

A feeling of hope after what’s been a long year for so many.

“We knew that for victims in our community that the timeliness of this work couldn’t be stopped,” said Murphey. “I have my own lived in experiences with violence.”

That domestic violence doesn’t just stop, even when the rest of the world shuts down.

“We did hear from our YWCA in Spokane that they had an increase in calls from survivors reaching out to them,” said Murphey.

That’s why Murphey decided to come up with a five-year plan.

“We did a survivor survey where we had over 100 survivors in our community contribute and give feedback about their experiences,” Murphey said.

After talking to those survivors, Murphey and her team came up with goals.

“We believe that all family members have the right to be safe in their homes and that they all deserve those opportunities to have access to getting healthy,” Murphey said.

Access she hopes will help end the violence in our community once and for all.

“I think all of us now are just hopeful that we’ll be able to carry forward this work and create real change in our community,” Murphey said.

If you or someone you know needs help getting out of a domestic violence situation, there are resources available.

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