Spokane doctor accused of trying to hire hitman on dark web will remain in jail pending trial

Dr. Ronald Ilg

SPOKANE, Wash. — A federal judge in Spokane Tuesday denied a Spokane doctor’s motion to be released from jail pending his trial on attempted kidnapping charges.

Federal prosecutors say Ronald Ilg tried to hire a hitman to assault one woman and kidnap and extort another. According to the charging documents, he was trying to use cryptocurrency to hire the hitman on the dark web.

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In previous court hearings, the judge ruled Ilg should be held in jail pending trial, citing the serious nature of his charges and the risk he could leave the area.

Last week, Ilg’s attorney Carl Oreskovich argued that Ilg should be released. According to the judge’s motion in the case, Ilg’s attorneys said he would “engage in psychotherapy, [would] reside in a rural location fair from alleged victims and witnesses, and [would] post a cash bond of $250,000.”

Prosecutors argued that Ilg was too much of a flight risk and danger to the community.

After reviewing the case, United States Magistrate Judge John Rodgers agreed with the prosecution and ordered Ilg to be held pending trial or other changes to the case.

His trial is set for October.