Providence reports more pediatric COVID cases in latest surge

The hospital believes they've seen as many as 10 at one point.

SPOKANE, Wash.– Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center is seeing more pediatric cases in the latest COVID surge.

“I don’t know what my daily census is today, but this is really the first time in the COVID surge this last week where we’ve seen an increase in children that have been admitted for the care of COVID,” Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Getz said.

He says many are too young to be vaccinated.  Plus, many who are eligible for the vaccine aren’t vaccinated.

The Delta variant is eight to 10 times more infectious than the original variant.

Getz says he anticipates they’ll see more cases of kids with COVID.

“Thankfully, we don’t tend to see children become nearly as ill as adults at that frequency we’re seeing in adults. But, when kids have conditions congenital conditions when they’re born with problems to their heart, to their lungs, cancers, and COVID is a horrible mix. They can get very, very ill and the care is very, very similar to what we see in adults,” he said.

Getz says most children aren’t getting sick to the point of requiring a ventilator, but it does happen and it’s tragic when a child requires that amount of care.

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