Spokane couple overcomes pandemic struggles to start small business

SPOKANE, Wash.– Starting a business during a pandemic seems like quite the feat. It’s a journey Spokane couple Mariah Brooks and Gary Bailey are on now.

“It’s been such a crazy time,” Bailey said.

Bailey was laid off from his job as a communications specialist earlier this year because of the pandemic. Then, the restaurant where Brooks worked had to temporarily shut down.

The two parents made a choice. Instead of waiting out the storm, they followed their dream of owning a small business.

“It’s hard to know if anything will ever go back to normal, so we kind of wanted to create our own normal.” Brooks said.

The couple just launched a new subscription box service called Inland Northwest Trading Company. They hand-pick every product that goes into it and package it all themselves. Every item is from a maker in the Northwest.Items Inside Of July Version Of Inland Northwest Trading Co Box

The first subscription box will go out this week, according to Brooks. She said prices vary depending on the size of box and the amount of products you want.

Brooks and Bailey see this as a way to lift up other small businesses during a time when so many are struggling. The new business is also a way to support their own family.

“We need to come together during these hard times and support each other,” Bailey said.

That’s what they intend to do with the Inland Northwest Trading Company. Their business is proof that even during this hard time, we can still deliver some good.

“It feels like everything we’ve been working for is finally coming together,” Brooks said.

Posted by Ariana Lake on Monday, June 29, 2020