Spokane County warns of scam in Country Homes Blvd

Spokane County warns of scam in Country Homes Blvd

An 88-year-old woman in the Country Homes Blvd. neighborhood reported that a man claiming to be a contractor hired by Spokane County tried to scam her out of $400.

Spokane County Public Works received a call Monday from a woman calling on behalf of her elderly mother about the incident.

The mother said a man came to her home and told her he was hired by Spokane County to cut back low-hanging tree branches and bushes that were crowding sidewalks.

The suspect said it would cost $400 and that she had to pay before the work could be done. He also said he had a seasonal contract with Spokane County and that she would be reimbursed by the country when the contract was complete.

Spokane County is asking that if you are approached by someone claiming you have to pay for work required by Spokane County, take a photo of the vehicle and get a license plate number and report the details to Crime Check at 456-2233.

For more information on scams operating in Spokane County, you can visit the SCAM Warnings page.