Spokane County Raceway to introduce junior racing program

Spokane County Raceway to introduce junior racing program

The Spokane County Raceway is introducing a new youth racing program, set to take place this 2019 season.

The Jr. Street Program will offer kids 13-16 in age the opportunity to race against their peers, with an adult co-driver, while learning about racing and car safety.

“This is an inexpensive program to help meet the demand for teenagers wanting to drive fast but, best of all, it’s a way for families to use drag racing as a learning tool and a conduit for family bonding,” said Josh Peterson, NHRA vice president of racing administration.

The young racers will participate in an orientation and licensing procedure on an eight-mile drag strip, in vehicles that meet program requirements. That means the vehicles will need to be street-legal, registered, insured, with a muffler and street tires limited to nine seconds and slower.

Other events to take place at the raceway this summer include the Dr. Pepper Nitro Spring Nationals race on June 21-23, and the Coors Light Nitro Summer Nationals Jet Car Finals, set for August 15-18.

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