Spokane County ‘Net Nanny’ operation leads to arrest of 9 sexual predators

A multi-day operation led to the arrest of nine dangerous sexual predators that targeted Spokane County children.

The operation, run by the Homeland Security Investigations, Washington State Patrol, and several other law enforcement agencies, was the 12th operation around the state to target child abuse and child exploitation suspects.

Washington State Patrol began “Net Nanny” operations in August 2015. The operations have led to the arrest of 182, and rescued 29 child victims throughout the state.

During the operations, undercover law enforcement officers communicated with people interested in having sex with children through various websites and apps. The operation generated hundreds of responses. The would-be perpetrators who were arrested over the course of three days traveled to meet with undercover detectives posing as young girls and boys with the intent to engage in sexual activity with children younger than 13-years-old.

Operation Net Nanny also identified four suspects as having access to over 10 children at risk of being abused.

The primary crimes investigated were attempted first degree rape of a child, attempted second degree rape of a child, commercial sexual abuse of a minor, possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, dealing in depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, communication with a minor for immoral purposes, involving a person under 18 in unlawful controlled substance transaction, and distribution to persons under the age of 18.

The Spokane County Net Nanny operation led to the arrest of the following:

-Fire F. Carrol, 30, Spokane

-Kyle J. Dettorre, 30, Spokane Valley

-Dustin R. Harbour, 33, Spokane

-Pierce M. Schober, 43, Spokane

-Jeffrey M. Kvasnicka, 44, Spokane

-John E. Cotton, 49, Spokane

-Wesley M. Calhoun, 26, Spokane Valley

-Jeff L. Raymer, 42, Spokane

-Robert M. Brogdon, 40, Spokane

If you have any information on the suspects listed, or information that would help identify the victims potentially involved in these cases, you are asked to contact Washington State Patrol, MECTF at mectf@wsp.wa.gov, or by contacting Sergeant Dan McDonald at 509-939-873.

You can also contact the Homeland Security Investigations Spokane Office at 520-619-0028.