Spokane County Library District open for curbside service

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — If you’re a dedicated bookworm, Wednesday was your lucky day. Spokane County Library District are back open.

All of its libraries, with the exception of The BookEnd at the Spokane Valley Mall, are open for curbside pickup.

It’s been eight long weeks since readers have ¬†gone through the Dewey decimal system.

“We’ve been hearing a lot of people being a little tired of screen time. A little tired of having to be online for their meetings or their education, or just to get some information or entertainment,” said Doug Stumbough, operations director for Spokane County Library District.

Starting Wednesday, you can checkout books and other items through Spokane County Library District’s curbside pickup service

“So far, we have about 3,800 items ready to be picked up,” Stumbough said.

You’re not allowed inside yet. But rest assured, your beloved novels and favorite reads are in safe hands.

“All of the staff that will be handling the materials have their proper protection on, gloves and mask,” Stumbough said.

All holds that come in are scanned, then bagged, tagged and sealed. Then they place it on the pick-up cart and wheel it outside.

“We’ll take it right up to the car itself. They can open up the trunk, open up the side door. We will place it right into the car,” Stumbough said.

Spokane County Library District is doing everything they can to make sure your checkout experience is safe. That’s why any time an item is returned to the library, staff will keep it in quarantine for at least 72 hours before the next person can check it out.

To place a hold, you have a few options. You can either call your library. Go online to make a hold at scld.org or download their mobile app.

“For their books, or DVDs, or whatever items they’d like. They’ll get a notification that the item is available. Then they will head on down to their library,” Stumbough said.

If you have any checked out items at home, bring them on back so others can enjoy them as well.

“They want their physical books back, they want some things to actually touch and be outside with or be inside and relax with,” Stumbough said.

Spokane Public Libraries is also planning a curbside service, just like Spokane County. However, they told 4 News Now, they’re not quite ready yet. They need to get their staff ready to go. They hope to start getting you your favorite reads by sometime next week.