Spokane County judges pledge to ‘do better and be better’ regarding racial equality

Spokane County judges issue pledge to 'listen more' when it comes to racial inequality

SPOKANE, Wash – The judges that make up Spokane County Superior Court pledge to “listen better, do better, and be better” on issues of racial equality and justice, according to a statement posted Friday.

The judges posted a statement addressed to the Spokane County community, titled “Personal and Professional Commitment to Equality.”

In it, the Court says “in the face of recent reminders of the persistent devaluation and degredation of Black lives in America, we believe in the importance of not maintaining our silence in this instance.”

The judges say “it is with painful awareness that we acknowledge shortcomings that have resulted in systematic injustice against Black Americans and Black citizens of our state and county. It is with candid honesty that we recognize the role that the courts have played in these injustices.”

While not laying out specifics, the letter concludes with the judges pledging to “roll up [their] collective sleeves and begin the hard work for instituting and institutionalizing real change.”

“We do not claim to possess immediate answers to longstanding questions. We do, however, pledge to listen better, do better, when and where we can, to eradicate racism and establish systemic reforms in our justice system.”

You can read the full statement here.

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