Spokane County invests $500k to bring in new resources to Trent Shelter

Trent Avenue shelter
Trent Avenue shelter
Trent Avenue shelter

SPOKANE, Wash. — New storage units and trailers are already coming into the Trent Resource and Assistance center, and even more services are on the way thanks to new money from Spokane County.

Half a million dollars are now being invested at the shelter, with the hope to bring in essential services people staying there are missing.

“The TRAC center needed to have additional beds, storage containers, and additional office space,” said Spokane County Commissioner, Mary Kuney.

New storage units and trailers are already coming into the shelter.

“It was a decision by the county commissioners to go ahead and approve up to $500,000. To be able to get those items under emergency ordinance so we could get people in a safe, dry space,” Kuney said.

Commissioner Kuney said this led her and other commissioners to approve this money for the shelter.

With this money, she says they’re looking to bring in new beds. Some at Trent have been seen sleeping on mats on the floor.

“The new beds that they need, metal beds and I think rubberized mattresses for those beds,” Kuney said.

The money will also bring in more showers, and office space to help people staying at Trent get the resources they need, to find stable housing.

“Specifically for shower trailers so we can have additional shower space for people there. And then for additional office space, so having some portable offices so they can have private conversations to get people the resources they need,” she said.

The commissioners felt the need to bring in these resources because of the current cold snap.

“No one wants to be standing out in the cold right now…in my mind, we need to get people off that property and into a warm safe environment,” she said.

Kuney said it could take up to thirty days to get these additional resources in, but with the cold, hopes it will be even sooner.

“If we’re really gonna get people off this property which with the cold weather we’re all experiencing, it’s so imperative to get them into somewhere warm,” she said.

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